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Lawn & Ground Maintenance


A green, lush landscape enhances preserves and increases your property’s value. At Evergreen we start with always cutting your lawn at 3”. Cutting your turf any lower can result in a shallow root system, which makes your lawn more vulnerable to temperature extremes and root drought. Taller grass results in healthier turf growth and a much stronger root system.

We have top of the line equipment to help make your lawn took top notch. We have zero turn commercial mowers – large ones for open space and walk behinds for tricky spots. We have a wide array of leaf blowers and trimmers to tidy everything up. We can even vacuum your lawn trimmings up for a truly professional look.

Fall and Spring cleanup is a cinch with our commercial leaf vacuums. We can remove your leaf debris with our truck vacuuming system and with our vacuum on our zero turn we can leave you with a truly beautiful manicured lawn.

Our full range of service includes:

-Mowing & Mulching

-Fertilizing & Liming

-Spring & Fall Cleanup

-Debris Removal

Lawn & Ground Maintenance: Service
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